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Foldable Wall Shelf Bracket


More convenient and personalized shelf!

 Are your looking for a shelf which could be fold when not in used? Foldable Wall Shelf Bracket could be the best choice for you and for your home!


No paint sheddingno scratchingsmooth and elegant foreverEasy to install in wall and save space. They are sturdy and will hold a good amount of weight. The Foldable Wall Shelf Bracket are constructed of premium grade stainless steel, perfect for many home DIY jobs who wanted to create their own shelf that can be used to store things around the house, office and many more.


Instant shelf or table: Just install the brackets and add a piece of the wood board on top

Saves space: The folding brackets can lock at 90 degrees. When you want to fold the table, simply press the relaxation arm. Excellent performance, suitable for narrow spaces, if you need a worktop that can be folded down and to the side. Helps to keep your room in order. Make space for your kitchen, bathroom, trailer, or bedroom stuff

Wide application: These heavy-duty folding brackets are perfect for many home DIY jobs. Ideal for stores, workshops, boats, motorhome, backyard, trailer, room, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, etc. Enough to be used as bookcase, kitchen rack, exhibition book, garden rack, exterior wall bracket etc. Mount on any wall in your home.

Easy to install: They are easy to install and fold, so you could build a folding shelf bracket or small wall mounted fold down desk for your home or garage. It can be installed on any kind of wall without damaging the wall. Includes the screws and plastic expansion anchor

Durable: Made of premium polished Stainless Steel with surface brushed treatment to resist daily scratches, corrosion and tarnishing, allowing it to remain looking best. It is not as easy to rust as paint bracket, and it will not cause harm to human health. 


Product Size: 8inches, 10inches, 12inches & 14inches



1 X Foldable Wall Shelf Bracket(1 pair)