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Versatile Household Hammer

If you are looking for a powerful tool that can help you finish your work quickly and effectively, this Versatile Household Hammer is the best tool you could choose to invest in. You will be able to get through an impressive workload without stopping and without exerting too much power. 

The hammer can disperse the vibration shock that tends to interfere with work and cause your arm to tire and fatigue early. You can use it for several repair and maintenance activities. It makes repairs easy to do while saving you time and money as you do not need to purchase different tools. 

The hammer can stretch where ordinary hammers cannot stretch which qualifies it to be your greatest helper. You can use it as an active wrench; it can be adjusted from small to large. Use it to pull out the broken nail on any surface and cut wires. With this great tool, nails will not be deformed, twisted or broken during construction.


  • Light Weight

The product is solid, lightweight and convenient to use. You can carry it in your bag when going out to work. It also comes with a portable hook; you can use it for hanging during storage. The hammer is a great helper for hiking, skiing, camping, and all kinds of outdoor sports.

  • Efficient

With this hammer, concrete nails can easily penetrate the steel pipe, iron pipe, iron plate, cement floor, concrete, etc. and the nail will not be deformed, twisted or broken. The hammer is made from special steel so it is durable, strong and does not require any repairs during work.

  • Versatility

Apply to home furniture, outdoor camping, and factory finish. You can use it to chop small branches, twist the screw, cut the rope curtain, in a dangerous escape, exploring travel, dissolution of the glass curtain wall, fixing a kit, etc. 

It can be a bottle opener, handle lock, mini knife, cross screwdriver, flat screwdriver, wire cutter, can opener, wrench, spear, rasp, hammer hatchet, and much more.

  • Smart Design

Our Versatile Household Hammer comes in a multiple tool-in-one integration design. The product is a combination of 10 different tools. You can use it as a power nail gun, pipe pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, plier’s clamps, vice, hammer, and so on. 

The new structure and a wide range of applications make it the perfect combination of rich tools to meet your various needs. The hammer is more convenient to carry and work. Its ergonomic handle helps reduce hand fatigue so it is safe to use for various tasks.

Technical Specifications

Material: Aluminum Alloy and carbon steel

Color: Red and silver

Size: 20.5 cm by 11 cm by 2.2 cm


 1 x Versatile Household Hammer