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Magic Mop

Discovering the Magic Mop is life-changing!

Cleaning the house is an exhausting chore. Following mud tracks and dirt around the house can be stressful. This Magic Mop is a rag, broom, mop, and vacuum in one!Yes, you read it right. It literally functions like all these cleaning tools. Amazing!

It’s equipped with a microfiber pad that sweeps out dust, hair, debris, and others. Unlike cotton or other materials, the pads feature better water retention because they’re made of ultra-fine weave structure microfiber. It’s absorbent enough to wipe off any splatter on the floor.

Its superior dirt pickup function works great on anything: floors, windows, ceiling, corners, tiles, and under the furniture surfaces. You can reach even the most narrow surfaces hassle-free with the mop’s ultra-slim and compact design. You can store it anywhere too, it looks so modish you can’t even tell it’s a cleaning tool.

Saves you time and a lot of effort!

The Magic Mop features a self-washing function too. It comes with a bucket that features hand-free washing and easy drying of the pads. Its ergonomic design makes your cleaning experience a breeze. With its long handle and 180° orating mop pads, you won’t have to kneel or crouch when cleaning. Helps you avoid fatigue, especially in the back and neck area.   

The pads can be replaced when needed. They’re environmentally friendly, reusable, and totally washable. Super easy to use and convenient.Works like magic!

It’s a must-have cleaning tool!


  • Broom Extension Length: 128 cm
  • Handle and Bucket Material: High-quality ABS
  • Pads Material: Superfine Microfiber
  • Mop Rod Load: Less than 10 kg
  • Absorption Rate: 90-100%

Package Includes:

  • Bucket
  • Magic Mop
  • 4 pcs Extra Pads/Rags