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Magix Couch Protection Cover (Suitable for 1 to 4 seats couches, Love Seats & L-Shape couches)

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If it doesn't fit simply contact our support and we'll arrange to send you a new replacement. Simple as that!

Introducing the Magic Couch Cover Solution

Protect & Give your old/existing sofa/couch a brand new look!

Do you have a sofa/couch that needs protection from pets?

sofa protection cover from pet

Or perhaps you have an old sofa/couch that is outdated and too embarrassing to use?

Like this?

Or maybe this?

Whatever the reasons are, our Magix Sofa Protection Cover not only looks good but it also protect your sofa from daily wear/stains, especially scratches from pets!

Let's transform your old sofa/couch into something like these

Single Couch? No Problem! (One Seater)

How about a Double? Sure (Two seaters)

Let's make it triple! Why not? (Three Seaters)

What about a double-double? bam! (Four Seaters)

You've Got L-Shaped? Certainly! 

For L-Shaped Sofa, simply buy two sets, one set could be a four-seaters for the horizontal and a 3 seaters for the vertical.

Click HERE If you're looking for a Single Seat Recliner Cover

The Sofa MakecOver are stretchy and durable, ensuring both excellent function and comfort! Protect your new sofa from daily wear and tear, spills and stains, or give your favorite old sofa a new, rejuvenated look instead of buying a completely new one!

High Quality

Made of high-quality fabric including 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex Jacquard Fabric with small checks, this slipcover has a smooth soft feel and is easy to care for. Instantly improve the look of any sofa in your home with these stretch couch covers!

Stay Tucked in Place

Free sticks are provided for you to insert it into the sofa gaps in order to make it fully tucked in and the cover stays in place~!

 Get the Right Size in 2 Steps

Step 1

Look at the sizing guide below, find your type of couch, measure/guesstimate the distance from A-B.

Step 2

If the distance is between 33-55 inches or 90-140CM Choose "One Seater"

If distance is between 57-72 inches or 145-185CM Choose "Two Seaters"

If distance is between 74-90 inches or 190-230CM Choose "Three Seaters"

If distance is between 90-118inches or 230-300CM Choose "Four Seaters"

For example, If you know you have a three-seaters couch, then go for 3 seaters. For safety purpose, it is always a good idea to get a bigger size, ie. Get 4 seaters if you have a 3 seater sofa.


Super Easy to Install

WHY you need it!

  • LONG TERM COMFORT: The high elastic couch covers for sofa are flexible, soft, and slip-resistant for long-term comfort. No straps needed to secure this sofa cover in a place as it stays firmly where you want it without moving or shifting!

  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Re-vitalize your old couch, no need to worry where/how to throw it away! Do some good for the environment!

  • MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET: For under 100$, you could have a brand new sofa/couch, saving you hundreds or even thousands by buying a brand new!

  • SOFA PROTECTOR: A must-have for homes with children and pets, this couch cover protects your furniture from dust, stains, wear, and tear while offering a fresh look. (No matter how your sofa looks or feels now, with our slipcover it will seem like a new sofa!)

  • DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE: We prides ourself on affordable elegance that enhances the décor of your home while maintaining quality standards. The Sofa MakecOver offers a combination of top materials and the latest design without sacrificing comfort and durability

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Micro Fiber, more soft, comfortable.sturdy

  • EASY CARE: Machine washable, wash at a temperature around 30 degrees Celsius, mild laundry detergents are advised, please do not bleach. Do not iron.

FAQs from Real Customers

Q. Does the slipcover fit well?

A. Fabric is elastic, easy to put on, fit well and does not often collate.

Q. Does it stretch and wrinkle when u get up after sitting on it? 

A. It did not wrinkle or move...very easy to put on...

Q. Does it stay in place?

For sure, all sofa covers come with free bubble sticks where you'll need to insert it into the gap of the sofa to make it stay in place and fully tucked in.

Q. If I have an L-Shaped Sofa, how many should I buy?

A. For L-Shaped Sofas, you should buy two pieces. One piece for the horizontal and one piece for the vertical. (Please refer to the size guide above)

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