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Automatic Water Activated Colorful Flashing LED Beer Glow Glasses

The coolest LED cup ever for unforgettable parties - impress everyone along the path!

Memorable Party Favor
Give your guests a unique party favor. Make memories that last with a gift that your friends will cherish. Available as singles, and sets of 6 or 10 tumblers

 Each glass lights up whenever liquid is present and turns off when empty. Works with any drink. 

Great For Every Occasion & Portable
So your neighbor is having a BBQ and you really want to wow them with something fun. A set of Light Up Shot Glasses will be a sure-fire hit.

7 flashing colors Reflection of Rainbow Colors every angle.

PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS - Best drinkware party favors or decoration for Christmas, Party New Years Eve, birthdays, weddings, shots, bars, night clubs or discos.

Each LED Glow Cup takes 2 3V CR2025 Button Battery which is easily replaceable so you can keep using your cool glowing LED cup over and over again. Battery last 30-40hours

Product description
  • Glow Glass Information: 
    - Material: Durable Sturdy Acrylic Plastic
    - Weight: 0.12kg
    - Capacity: 7 OZ/200ml
    - Security: Food safety
    - Size: Height (8.5cm) /Opening diameter(7.3cm) 
    - Color: 7 flashing colors
    - Power by: 2*2025 cell batteries (included) (can be changed) 
    - Occasion: Party, Bar, Club, Birthday Party, Home Gathering, Christmas         Decoration, Holiday, Disco, KTV, Home
    - Available Liquid: Water, Beer, Wine, Whisky, Vodka, Martini, Drinkware, Coffee, Tea, etc

Package includes
1*Pineapple Glow Glass