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Breakfast Egg Steaming Pot


Create a perfectly poached eggs a lot easier!

When you wake up in the morning, what could be better than a good day to look forward to? For this, nothing beats the special Breakfast Egg Steaming Pot in setting your day. This steaming pot will get you better results than your regular saucepan and give you the perfect boiled egg.  No more hassles or unnecessary lengthy waits for you to get to enjoy your favorite egg delicacy. 

Great Start and Energy to Your Day

This great instant pot model is a stunner that can make a difference between a dull day and a bright one. A great device for busy people or a large family, it combines two separate cooking pots so you can cook your eggs simultaneously on both. In minutes, you will be enveloped with the delicious aroma of your eggs. No kitchen deserves to be called one without this handy accessory. 


  •  Fast Heating Speeds

 Your time is precious and you don’t want to wait forever for your breakfast. This appliance can get you your breakfast at stunning speeds.  For no more than a few minutes, you will have your eggs, all ready to go with your favorite breakfast dish. This steamer will be of particular value for those who want to beat the rush hour and leave the house for their destinations quickly. 

  •  Safe and Easy to Use

It is incredibly easy and convenient to use. With just a press on an ON/OFF button, your mouth-watering poached or boiled eggs are just minutes away, It is also super safe, posing no hazards to your family. It has a non-toxic finish and it is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. 

  •  Suitable for Eggs of all Tastes

Whatever your favorite taste of eggs, this device will get it for you in a snap.  Poached eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs are all yours for the asking. 

  •  Easily cleaned after Use

Cleaning up will present no problem when you are done with preparing your eggs. This steamer comes with easily removable parts that you can clean with ease.  So next time you want your cooked eggs, you can always start afresh with a clean sparkling pot. It is also made with food-grade stainless steel which is rust-resistant. 

  • Helps Maximize Your Nutrients

Through its steaming action, this device helps you to maximize the retention of your egg nutrients. This includes proteins, vital fats, minerals and vitamins which typically get lost through boiling. It will also preserve a perfect texture to your eggs, adding to an enjoyable breakfast. All this makes for a healthier breakfast for your mornings. 


  • Size: 22.1*11.2*7.4cm
  • Material: food grade pp material
  • Color: as pictures shown



  • 1 x Breakfast Egg Steaming Pot