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Electric Spray Pen Airbrush


great gift idea for Christmas 🎁😍

Do you love art and crafts? Or could you be looking for something fun to keep you busy at home? Then search no further! This Electric Spray Pen Airbrush turns the ink of ordinary markers into a fine colorful spray. You can use it to make graffiti-like scrawls on paper, embellish windows, or decorate a flower vase. 

This electric eraser makes etching a breeze. At the touch of a button, the eraser is turned on. With this eraser, errors in drawings can be corrected precisely and quickly. The ergonomic handle is very well made and lies comfortably in the hand.


  • Comfortable Grip Design        

It feels very comfortable in either hand and the button is perfectly positioned for your index finger. Only slight pressure and you will have huge power.

  • Strong Erasing Capability        

Circular movement and strong motor allow you to erase targeted areas effectively and precisely. Only slight pressure and you will have huge power.

  • Multipurpose        

With this electric airbrush not only can you draw but you can also draw directly with a watercolor pen. It helps to develop the ability to recognize and match colors.

  • Washable        

When you accidentally apply it on your hands or skin, you can clean it with water or a damp cloth. The ink is safe and non-toxic.

  • USB Charging and Big Button    

The airbrush has a built-in 500mAh lithium battery, and the USB cable can be recharged for easy use. You no longer have to waste money buying new batteries. Start an economical and environmentally friendly erasing experience! The airbrush with large buttons is easy to operate.

  • 36 Pattern Templates           

Contains 36 kinds of pattern templates, you can choose your favorite pattern template, stimulate creativity, and make awesome paintings. The template is made of PE material and is easy to clean.

  • New Upgraded Design        

The pen features a highly effective electric painting, and the spraying time is about 40 minutes. Its various painting templates which can be combined freely makes you love painting. It provides an easy grasp and you can create amazing paintings.

  • Perfect Gift    

It is an awesome gift for your loved ones, friends, or even your colleagues for birthdays, Christmas, etc. This spray pen is created for anyone with an interest in sprayed painting as well as handwritten painting, a good tool for great creativity

How to Use 

  1. Connect the USB cable to a power supply and the pot on the pen, LED on top of the pen flash while charging; LED turns off while fully charged.
  2. Insert the water pen, then press the power button slightly, the spray starts, release the button, the spray stops.

How to Clean After Painting    

The ink for the watercolor pens is with a higher wash degree than the normal ones, but due to the differences caused by personal skin or the fabric, there might be slightly residual for some darker color ink after washing. If this happens, use a small amount of soapy water to clean.

Technical specifications

  • Color: Pink/ Blue
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Electric Spray Pen Airbrush