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Garlic Puree Artifact

Purée and mix a variety of ingredients for the perfect texture every time!

Magnetic column:

  • The magnet is attached to the squid's cutter and can be absorbed automatically. It does not require manual installation, which is safer and reduces the possibility of scratching your hand.

High quality materials:

  • Food grade cups, sturdy and durable. Stainless steel cutter, sturdy and sharp, for quick cutting of vegetables. The metal buckle buckle does not sand the rope and is more durable.

    Intimate design:

    • Internal square buckle design, easy to install, more stable operation. If there is water in the top cover, simply turn the top cover upside down and pull the drawstring to pour off the remaining water.

    Mini size:

    • 170ml capacity, unique inner wall design, even if the amount is small, it can be evenly crushed to meet the delicate needs.

    Widely used:

    • You can use this garlic machine to crush garlic, grind ginger, minced meat or make chili noodles, peanuts, vegetable puree and so on.

    How to use:

    • Step 1: Put some ginger on it
    • Step 2: Close the lid and tighten the fixed light handle
    • Step 3: Place the cooking equipment on the table and pour the ingredients into a transparent bowl.


    • Size: 8.5 cm in diameter and 7 cm in height
    • Capacity: about 170mL
    • Material: ABS + PP + TPR + 420
    • Net weight: about 130g

      1. In use, place the magnetic knife holder in the white lid.
      2. This product is suitable for a small amount of ingredients.
      3. Do not heat or cook this product in a microwave oven.
      4. The blade is very sharp. Don't let your child touch it to avoid scratching.
      5. Wash with water after use and disassemble and dry the blade before assembly.

      Package Included:

      • 1 x Garlic chopper