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Hirundo Gas Range Protectors, 6 packs

  • Premium Quality - These protectors are both SGS certified & FDA approved, so you know you're getting the best! They're made from thick, woven Teflon that is 100% PFOA and BPA free. Your family will stay safe from dangerous chemicals
  • Clean Your Stove in a Flash - Say goodbye to the obnoxious bits of food stuck inside the stove! These gas range protector will create a barrier to catch the mess and keep burners free of debris. Keeping your stove clean has never been this easy
  • Extreme Heat Resistance - Scorching temperatures are no match for the Geekper Gas Range Protectors. Each protector can withstand up to an incredible 716 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Effortless Installation - Pre-cut centers allow you to adjust and set up the protectors in no time. Simply trim the liners with scissors to fit your stove. Thanks to the non-stick surface, they can be removed and replaced in a flash
  • Last for Years - Clean your protectors and use them for as long as you need! When they begin to look a bit dirty, simply wash them with soap and water or toss them in the dishwasher. Done for good? Recycle them and invest in a new set


1. Protectors must be trimmed with scissors to fit your stove properly before use.Make sure protectors are at least 0.5” - 1'' from the flame when on highest setting and do not block any vent holes.

2. Protectors must be placed on bottom below the flame or heating element

3. Protectors can be wiped cleaning by soapy water after stove cools


Do not use directly on flame or heat element

Do not use proctors to cover the gas holes of the stove

Do not use above 260°C ( 500 °F)

Remove protectors before cleaning stove