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Manual Pasta And Noodle Maker


Enjoy Fresh Home-Made Pasta!

Not only is homemade pasta superior in taste to store-bought noodles, but it's also very easy to make now with the help of this Manual Pasta And Noodle Maker! Put the dough in the presser and turn the handle, you can make freshly made pasta at home with little effort!


Not only does it make the process of creating perfectly uniform noodles faster & more enjoyable, but it also helps you make a fresh-made pasta with a lighter & softer texture. This handy equipment also allows you to customize the recipe based on your preference & dietary restrictions.

  • A MUST-HAVE KITCHEN GADGET FOR PASTA LOVERS: Helps you cut the pasta & achieve the perfect shape in a few minutes
  • QUICK-CHANGE DISCS: With the interchangeable disc attachments, you can make fresh, homemade pasta noodles of various shapes & sizes
  • TIME-EFFICIENT: Lets you enjoy authentic homemade pasta in minutes, instead of wasting hours of cutting the noodles by hand
  • VERSATILE: Allows you to customize your pasta by using the freshest ingredients, juices, flavors, & spices to your liking

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PRESS: Not only can you make your own pasta noodles for lasagna, macaroni, spaghetti, fettuccine, & more, this tool can also be used for fruit juice extraction
  • CONVENIENT: It is extremely easy to use & gives everyone, from beginners to experts, the ability to make fresh pasta at home
  • EASE OF STORAGE: Each of the tools from this set has a compact design, which makes it easy to store on your countertop or in your cabinets
  • WIDELY USED: Ideal for busy families who long for that home-cooked taste without the time commitment

How to Use:

  • Prepare some dough
  • Unscrew the cover and put in the dough, vegetable, or sliced fruits into the tube
  • Turn the handle to churn out fresh, homemade noodles or juice
  • Disassemble the parts, soak in water after use, & wash the parts by hand


  • Material:Stainless steel


  • 1 x Manual Pasta And Noodle Maker Set