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Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper - Borosilicate Glass


About item:

  • FAST GOURMET POPCORN: Choose beautiful, durable temperature-safe borosilicate glass for better popcorn popping experiences. No oil or butter needed!. Hot air circulates preventing burning! Melt butter with the dual function lid for gourmet results. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. A fun gift idea!
  • PREPARING AND SHARING: Great for a healthy snack, movie night, the big game, or recipes including popcorn. Simply use the dual-function lid to measure the desired serving size, pour into the Micro-Pop and place in microwave for 3-minutes or less. Hundreds of fun and healthy snack recipe possibilities for your popcorn enjoyment!
  • MONEY WELL-SPENT: Make homemade popcorn as an alternative to buying expensive single use prepackaged bags containing unwanted chemicals, ingredients and calories.
  • WHY CHOOSE GLASS VS SILICONE?: Watch your popcorn popping for perfect results! Temperature safe glass resists wear-and-tear and will not absorb acids or chemicals typically produced during use. Glass is made without BPA, hypoallergenic, and thermal shock resistant. Wide-mouth design and ergonomic handle add versatility and ease-of-use.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: The Ecolution Micro-Pop is designed in the USA. Built to be reusable for many years! Ecolution stands for high quality products and environmental sustainability for over 30-years. Thank you for selecting our brand.
    Included Components: Glass Popcorn Popper, Lid

A Great Way to Enjoy Popcorn
The Micro-Pop microwave popcorn popper puts you back in control by offering a healthy way to make popcorn. Bagged popcorn is filled with harmful chemicals that can negatively affect you and your family. The Micro-Pop features a temperature safe borosilicate glass bowl that is safe to use. Just place your kernels in the bowl and microwave for a couple minutes for fresh, delicious popcorn.

Save Time, Money and the Landfill
Gone are the days of buying bagged popcorn with artificial flavors and colors. Save time by making less trips to the grocery store and save money by buying popcorn kernels in the jar vs. the pre-packaged popcorn. Using the Micro-Pop also helps our landfills by eliminating the wax-coated disposable bags from pre-bagged popcorn that can take a long time to decompose.

Easy to Clean
The Micro-Pop popcorn maker, lid and borosilicate glass bowl are dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean-up.
How to Make a Delicious Bowl of Popcorn Using the Micropop Popcorn Popper

The lid serves as a convenient measuring tool for your kernels. For the 1.5 quart Micro-Pop, use one lid full of kernels for a bowl of popcorn. For the 3 quart Micro-Pops, use 2 lids full of kernels. You can also add less kernels to the bowl if you wish to enjoy a smaller amount of popcorn.

Drop the measured kernels into the bottom of the popper and place the lid on top to go in the microwave.

This step is entirely optional, but the perforated lid can be used to melt butter or margarine over your popcorn while it pops. The lid allows to butter to melt through the holes and distribute evenly over the kernels.

Please note that microwaves vary greatly. Make sure you are listening to the pops while your microwave is making the popcorn and stop the microwave once the pops get to be 2 seconds apart. Some microwaves may require more time, while others require less time.

Tips to getting your popcorn just right:

  1. Not all microwaves work exactly the same, so play with the timing until you get it just right. Experiment a little- your microwave may cook the popcorn faster or slower than the 2:30-3:00 average! If your precious popcorn is getting burnt when adding butter prior to popping, try adding the butter after all those kernels have transformed into beautiful puffed popcorn.
  2. Always use fresh popcorn kernels. Store your popcorn in an airtight container. Refrigeration is not recommended.
  3. Stopping and starting your microwave during the cooking cycle is not recommended. Once you stop the microwave, the steam buildup in the center of the kernel, which causes the popcorn to pop, will cool off and never reach the desired temperature to re-pop. If you restart the microwave you also risk burning the already popped popcorn. Using the sound test is the best way to determine if your popcorn is done. If there are more than two full seconds between pops, it’s time to stop.