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Qwik-Release Fisherman's Glove


It's time you carefully handle fish the right way and avoid cuts

Qwik-Release Fisherman's Glove is made for safe and clean fish handling.  

So why is it a must-have fishing accessory for professionals and amateurs alike? 
Finally, you have a way of protecting your hands from:

  • Accidental cuts from hooks
  • Dangerous cuts from the sharp teeth and fins of fish
  • Painful cuts and scratches
  • Sharp gill plates
  • Painful cuts from fishing lines. And if you need to break a line, all you need to do is wind the line a few turns around your glove and pull
Magnet release:
  • Strong magnet, which is a fantastic device for holding the glove in place
  • The magnet is very strong. You will not lose the glove without noticing
  • Slide your hand in, and it detaches all in one slick motion
  • Use one hand. Easy to put on and take off: catch the fish, release it, stick it back on the magnet and... you are ready to fish again!
  • Hang the glove on your belt or vest loop for quick access
No more grime and slime:
  • Keep your hands clean
  • Say goodbye to the bloody towels
  • Excellent non-slip grip
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean, quick to dry
Handle fish carefully if you practice catch and return:
  • The glove does less damage to the fish's mucus layer than the use of a towel or bare hands
  • You do less harm to fish when unhooking them before releasing them
  • Quickly unhook and return sunfish, perch, rock bass and other types of fish
Further benefits!.....
  • Gain an edge over your competitors in tournaments or leisure
  • A cure for your fish slime allergy
  • Use it as an oyster-shucking glove! It works!
  • Perfect for surf fishing
  • Works for other outdoor activities such as chopping firewood! (avoid splinters)