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Stainless Steel Onion Holder for Slicing

Hold and slice onion perfectly!

Want to save time at meal prep? Here is the solution! This multi-use kitchen gadget allows you to chop uniform slices of onion without your hands gripping the onion.

It features ultra-sharp stainless-steel prongs that pierce and hold even the hardest vegetables like carrots & potatoes. Onions can be sliced extra thin by inserting the knife twice between each prong. It can be used for many other vegetables and fruit like tomato, potato, cucumbers, carrots ,etc.

Premium Food-Grade Stainless Steel Material 

  • The 12 stainless steel prongs of our onion slicer holder are made of 100% BPA-free, food grade, durable reinforced ABS hardened stainless steel to ensure they will always stay ultra sharp.

Anti-Rust And Easy To Wash 

  • You don't need to worry about getting rusty. With premium anti-rust stainless steel material, this vegetable slicing guide is dishwasher safe and easy to wash. You can clean this onion holder slicing easily with soap and water.

Non Slip Handle 

  • Our onion tomato holder comes with an extra wide handle ensuring a firm grip while cutting, preventing knife accidents, and strong enough to withstand even the hardest vegetables. Our vegetable holder for slicing is also great for both right or left-handed users.

Steel Odor Remover Soap 

  • Our onion ring slicer comes with a stainless steel oval metal magic soap fitted inside the holder to help you remove odors more easily.

Good for Beginner, who are just less experience to chop things, perfect to protect your hand from being cut or scraped.


  • 1 x Stainless Steel Onion Holder for Slicing