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Universal Magic Sticky Anti-Slip Mat

  • When there is a sudden brake, your small objects in the car have disappeared. Try to keep your cell phone and morning coffee within easy reach with our magic sticky car anti-slip pad. Keep your coins, key, sunglasses, and other things safer when you are driving. Don't be "stuck" driving around without it. 

Main Features

  • Provide Your Things A Safer Place
    This non-slip mat is designed to prevent slipping, place the mat on an unpainted dashboard, and place coins, keys, sunglasses, keys, mobile phones, etc. on it to prevent them from being damaged when you drive.
  • Universal Sticky Pad
    The multiple-use pad can be applied to your car, home and office and many other places to hold small items like remote control, camera, phone, perfume bottle, cigarettes, pen, coins, glasses, keys, mirror, cups and so on. 
  • More Functions To Ease Your Life
    It can also work as anti-slip furniture pads, carpet tape and adhesive gel cleaner to remove dust and pet hair on clothing and computers.
  • Reusable and Renewable Tackiness
    This fixable gel pads can be used for many times, and will not leave any residue or damage to whatever you stuck it on. Rinsing under warm water and soap or cleaning with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and renew its stickiness.
  • No Smell No Messy
    Malleable PU gel, this pad holder is lightweight and non-toxic, leaves no unpleasant odors and allows you to wash and reuse it. 3mm thickness to protect your things well.


  • PU
Thickness 3mm
Product Weight
  • 100G
Package Contents
  • 1 × Car Anti-slip Pad
Product Size


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Pad is ideal for soft vinyl surfaces; please do not use on lacquer finished surfaces or cars with painted plastic dashboards.